Electrical Power Studies

Years of experience working the international market are our guarantee.

Electrical Power Studies

Protection & control.

Electrical Power Studies

From AGS, we want to give one more step up in our professional competences of Protection & Control in power systems.

Encouraged by a chair at the Las Palmas University (Electrical Engineering Area), directed by Mr. José Torres Santana (Former Electrical protections chief at the main Electrical generation and distribution Canary company & current professor at Las Palmas University) & Mr. Miguel Martínez (Former Technical Director at the main Electrical generation and distribution Canary company & current professor at Las Palmas University).


In AGS, around 15 years’ experience working the international market is our guarantee, where these kind of studies is highly demanded due to the instability of Electrical Systems in Emerging countries, where the growth surpasses evolution on Power Generation and Distribution systems.

We have a Large Team of International Engineers with High experience in several countries worldwide.

Can your company afford to lose a lot of money from electrical power failure?

Protect your personnel, your equipment, and your business operations.

  • increase facility reliability.

  • Increased equipment protection.

  • Increased personnel safety.

  • Reduce your electric bill.

  • Support in future expansions plans.

  • Identify under-utilized equipment.

  • Increased operating efficiency.

  • support in current operations and prevent downtime.

  • Prevent damage by identifying underrated equipment.


The studies validation, revision and approval, before the delivery to final customer will be verified by all our sources information.

This means that in our studies will be include all recommendations for improvement.

We already have succesfull experience in this field. We carried out many projects with very positives results, and we are involved in a new project nowadays in Africa, that includes an electrical substation installation to protect and control four gold mines, independent of national electrical distribution network.

What clients Say:

I am very pleased to offer my opinion of your work. We at Kinross, are impressed with the level of detail as well as the effort and professionalism your team has displayed in this most recent work. We all found the work to be comprehensive and accurate. Additionally, it was refreshing to have your team note the safety deficiencies that we as a company need to address. Your efforts to put together a solution that is viable to our operating team is a valuable tool for us to leverage going forward.

General Manager, Kinross

Exceptional quality, symbol of good work. Have solved all the problems we’ve had, a team of highly trained professionals.

José Mendoza, Project Management

We have spent many years working with AGS, we have seen its growth as a company specializing in the electricity sector through hard work and effort.

Javier D., Eseaforms

Electrical Power Studies

Proposals and validations studies of those:

What kind of  studies do we do?

1. Load flow analysis.

2. Reliability assessment.

3. Optimal power flow analysis: economic dispatch and improvement of the whole system efficiency.

4. Short-circuit analysis.

5. Protective device coordination.

6. Harmonic analysis.

7. Arc flash hazard analysis.

8. Dynamic analysis, by studying disturbances impact (1-phase and 3-phase faults, power outages, variations of renewable production, etc.) and machines starting-up’s.

What do we get with these studies?

1. Evaluation of improvement measures of the system/facility related to the economic/technical analysis: restructuration of the economic dispatch, implementation of reactive power compensation, harmonic filters, etc.

2. Sizing of machines (transformers, motors, generators, etc.) and conductors.

3. Switchgear design

4. Design of new facilities and extension of present ones.

5. Determination of safety levels (approaching boundaries, PPEs) depending on characteristics of switchgear, machines and facilities (rated voltage, insulation, etc.).