Lighting of the central nave of the Sagrada Familia

Roll and Led & Co, the division specialized in the led technology by Troll, have collaborated with the peculiar lighting project of the inside of the central nave of the recently consecrated Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, in close collaboration with the team of architects who lead the continuation of the work. The result has always been the respect to the significance of the integration of light into the architectonic spaces which Antonio Gaudí gave to his works:

“the essential quality of the work of art is harmony, which is born from light, which gives relief, it decorates.”

Antoni Gaudí.

In order to carry out the project, some altar lamps have been developed and have been adapted to the peculiar applications described by the famous architect, obtaining a complete integration of the artificial illumination into the architecture.

The Project has required some lighting devices: zenith lighting, lighting of vaults and inside facades, and lighting of architectonic elements. With the purpose of obtaining the different effects, the most modern and efficient sources of light have been used: high chromatic reproduction led, metallic halides and white sodium among others.

It is worth noting the led altar lamps which Troll y Led&Co have developed for the metallic hyperboloids placed in the skylights of the main vaults of the temple. With this altar lamp the peculiar effect of simulating the natural light has been obtained. At the same time, a double function has been achieved: the lighting of the skylights and the highlighting of the glass symbols.

With this witty solution Troll and Led & Co have managed to bring the concept of relief and decoration described by Antonio Gaudí to fruition.