Mining Service

In the mining sector, we are experts in all kinds of special and not special supplies with air and sea shipments to any part of the world.


Mining Service

a team capable of traveling to any part of the world after the customer’s call.

We run all kinds of electrical installations, Telecommunications or mechanical . We supply genets, load banks, etc, in rental for emergencies and starts-up.

We offer our clients a team of engineers who are experts in electricity, telecommunications and civil works for advice and supervision of the works in progress.

We conduct comprehensive studies of the electrical systems in order to improve the efficiency of the system, recommending improvements to ameliorate the time of return on the investments made.

Power System Studies.

Protect your personnel, your equipment, and your business operations.

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We develop all kinds of Engineering regarding the protection and control of the electrical system , starting with the generation and ending with the protection of each individual load. We have a team of specialist engineers in starts-up with a training and international experience that reduce execution times of work.

The mining industry is a very sensitive sector to downtime. Therefore, in AGS we have a team capable of traveling to any part of the world after the customer’s call, and act in emergencies, a service which we like.

What our customers demand?

  • High-level technical advice.

  • Rapidity and effectiveness.

  • Improved cost ratios.

  • Turnkey Solutions.

Our Customers:

  • Our major customers in this sector are Kinross and Hatch. Currently we are working with them in Tasiast (Mauritania) and Chirano (Ghana).

In summary we have the capacity to solve any technical problem that diminish the performance of the mine by making available to the client materials, human resources and everything needed to convert a problem in an improvement of the system.

Can your company afford to lose a lot of money from electrical power failure?

Protect your personnel, your equipment, and your business operations.




Power Plants and Substations

Technical advice and Retrofits

Power Plants and Substations

AGS provides engineering services involving the testing and commissioning of Central and electrical substations


Industrial Sector

Products and Services for Industrial Sector.

Industrial Sector

Include the design of electrical boards and cabinets, as well as a technical advice for the development of your new projects.


Residential Sector

Products and Services for Residential Sector.

Residential Sector

In the residential sector, we have manufacturers who use the latest technologies in eco-efficiency.



I am very pleased to offer my opinion of your work. We at Kinross, are impressed with the level of detail as well as the effort and professionalism your team has displayed in this most recent work. We all found the work to be comprehensive and accurate. Additionally, it was refreshing to have your team note the safety deficiencies that we as a company need to address. Your efforts to put together a solution that is viable to our operating team is a valuable tool for us to leverage going forward.
Kinross General Manager, Kinross
We have spent many years working with AGS, we have seen its growth as a company specializing in the electricity sector through hard work and effort.
J. Díaz, CEO CT S.L.
Exceptional quality, symbol of good work. Have solved all the problems we’ve had, a team of highly trained professionals.
José Mendoza


International projects around the world.

FAT in GE OIL & GAS Nuovo Pignone, Massa Plant, Italy.

The test of pre-commissioning and commissioning of the GCPP for Aasta Hansteen (25MVA), Egina (38MVA) and the pre-commissioning of Gina Krog (41 MVA) were successfully done. The Egina project is located in Nigeria, the field [...]

Airport of Tasiast

AGS – Protección Medida y Control has completed the supply, installation and commissioning of the Runway Lights at the newly renovated Airport of Tasiast (Mauritania), located in the Tasiast gold mine for our client Kinross [...]

Commissioning of the generator protection relays secondary test

DSLNG DONGGI SENORO (Nuovo Pignone GE/JGC JAPAN GAS COMPANY) AGS, in collaboration with GE Multilin, has performed the secondary test commissioning of the GCPPs related to the generators A, B and C on the LNG [...]

Port of Dos Bocas in Mexico

Generator of the power plant that supply the Port of Dos Bocas. AGS, in collaboration with GE Multilin, completed the secondary injection in GCPP (Control panels and generator protection) of the 2nd generator of the [...]

Commissioning in Israel


Commissioning and Start-up of electrical generator protection in Israel.

Commissioning in Qatar


Commissioning and Start-up of electrical generator protection in Qatar.