Power Solutions instructs AGS Protection, Measurement and Control the installation, assembly, configuration and operation of a 6MW plant in the city of Cuzco in Peru. The plant in question consisted of 6 MTU gensets, which were regulated in power for its correct operation, because Cuzco is located at an altitude of over 3,000 meters above sea level.

The gensets’ controller devices were the AGC-3 of DEIF, which were configured for the purposes of generating a constant power during the entire period of operation. The duration of the service was about a month including 15 days of operation. During this stage and given the efficiency and the good performance of AGS PMC, we were also entrusted the control and the direction of another plant of 4 MW located in the town of Abancay, about 200 km from Cuzco.

The reason for the installation of these two plants was due to the civil works that were asked to be carried out in the Hydroelectric Power Plant at Machu Picchu, as a result of the expansion project of the plant (passing from 100MW to 200MW) which caused the stop.