AGS Training

Below you can see a list of the courses that we currently have available, do not hesitate to ask for more information.

Duration:3 daysGoal

The course will provide the attendantsa global overview of the power system analysis throughout software analyzer. At the end of the course, they will be familiarized with a typical graphic environment, they will be able to represent electrical grids and use the different calculation modules.


 Power systems basic concepts

 Power Flow Analysis

 Short Circuit Analysis

 Ground Grid Systems

 Protective device coordination

 Practical examples

Duration: 5 days


The course will offer to the attendantsa general overview of the protective relay most used in power generation, transmissionand distribution in electric power systems. This will be carried out by explaining each type of protection, its operating principles and practical usage.


 General aspects of electrical protections and associated equipment

 Most common protections

 Protectionfundamentals of motors

 Protection fundamentals of generators

 Protection fundamentals of transformers

 Protection fundamentals of power lines

 Practical exercises withtools for protection testing

Duration: 2 days


The course will provide the attendants the knowledge of how to perform commissioning, problem solving and scheduled testing of protective relays. At the end of the course, they will be familiarized with the Test Universe Omicron tool and will be able to create and modify test templates and reports.


 Quick voltage and current injection to check cabling

 Configure parameters of the tested unit and hardware tests.

 Create testing plans that adapt automatically to relay settings

 Practical tests

Duration: 2 days


This course addresses the training requirements to allow Protection Engineers to build a basis on the different parts of the Substation Control and Protection Systems. This will be achieved by the use of GE Power Software.


 Introduction to substation automation

 GE Power Solution

 GE Power practical examples

Duration: 1 day


The course will offer to the attendants the general aspects of safety in electrical environments. This will be carried out by explaining the different electrical risks that can be appear in industriaL facilities.


 Introduction to electrical safety

 General procedure to manage electrical risks

 Common hazards andcontrol measures

 Protection measures

Duration: 4 days


The course will offer to the attendants the general aspects of fire protection systems. It will cover the design, installation and maintenance of the different protection elements that can be found in a fire protection system of a building or industrial facility.


 Basic principles of fire protection

 Active protection (design, installation and maintenance)

 Automatic fire detection systems

 Manual alarm communication systems

 Extinguishing systems

 Extinction by water-foam

 Extinction by other means

 Passive protection and signs