Who we are

This firm began its activity as a company in the year 2000, but before that its founder, Andrés García, had been practicing since the year 1994 as a technical representative of manufacturers like General Electric, Arteche, etc. Soon there was a need to add a team who would give a technical and commercial support keeping service as the main priority.

Who we are


It required a high qualified team in order to go one step ahead of the market.

Other manufacturers like Energyst Car Rental Power, Lapp Kabbel, etc. looked at the effectiveness of our work and they have been included in our service portfolio making up tendencies of ecoefficiency and sustainability throughout the last years.

The effectiveness was shown in the year 2005 when the Delta Tropical Storm lashed the Canary Islands. Endesa Unelco entrusted AGS and Energyst Cat Rental Power the electricity supply in all the town councils which had been isolated. The result was very successful. There were no accidents.




The effectiveness was shown in the year 2005 when the “Delta Tropical Storm” lashed the Canary Islands.


In 2009, we diversified even more the services rendered to the general electricity sector.


In 2011, we consolidated in two main areas: the support to the electric power stations and international commissioning and start-up services for General Electric.


we continue to grow internationally in services and projects, providing customized solutions to our customers.